Fund Overview

What is the Heritage Capital Fund?

Heritage Capital is a private placement fund in the natural resource sector, investing in Agriculture and Timberland. Our target investment is in assets that meet our CORE investment model. The income generated from CORE properties is then invested into VALUE-ADD properties. By leveraging our strength from our CORE assets, we can boost investor returns through our VALUE-ADD strategy.

What is my risk exposure?

Our investors' risk and exposure to the market are sheltered by our long-term investment model (5-10yr).  Our annual cash flow allows us to regulate and leverage the position of core assets.  Should the investments trend downward, the investor holds underleveraged assets while still producing enough revenue to support its annual debt. 

How is this different from other private equity funds?

Our strategy’s strength is the ability to leverage our assets to produce additional cash flow and the ability to sell other assets at any time (our value add), using market conditions to improve the position of the investment. This strategy is a significant advantage over most private equity firms that deploy capital, only returning dividends based off the initial offering.   

Take home thoughts.

Heritage Capital offers the freedom and flexibility to move assets inside the CORE portfolio, allowing the fund to compound earnings continually while limiting risk exposure and hedging against inflation.