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Heritage Capital invests in land-based assets in the Southeastern US with a focus on properties found within the Alluvial Valley of the Mississippi River. Heritage Capital’s ability to leverage local knowledge and relationships, allows the firm to analyze and act on opportunities prior to market exposure. This advantage affords Heritage Capital the unique ability to create higher-yielding and more stable investments for its clients.



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The Company’s management team has a combined experience of over 100 years. The management team’s experience includes developing real estate properties, Farmland and Timberland valuation, acquisition, Farmland and Timberland lending, and Farmland production management.

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Farmland and Timberland assets have established a strong historical record of performance, low to moderate risk, low volatility, and favorable diversification characteristics.  Investment in Farmland and Timberland include a tangible asset that offers long-term inflation protection.

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The management team has the technical skills to analyze a particular property from a standpoint of production, marketability, potential opportunities for diversification, easements, higher and better use, and recreational potential to maximize the return.


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Company Profile

Heritage Capital is a private placement Ag and Timberland investment firm, leveraging its knowledge of the Mississippi River Alluvial Valley landscape. Heritage Capital’s diversified investment platform allows the firm to act with speed and agility, not commonly found with Ag & Timberland investment firms.